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Part of the edible communities campaign!

This project will install four 100 sq ft gardens in the community.  If it is partially funded (or over funded) each $250 increment will be a new garden plot.  So if we get $2000, we will install eight plots!

High Tide Permaculture is promoting healthy and sustainable communities through its Edible Communities Campaign.  Schools, organizations and local businesses are the perfect venues for creating interpretive, interactive and beautiful edible landscapes.  The purpose of these small, resource oases is to serve as educational and functional spaces that will one day cease being fragments and become a fully integrated edible community.

EFG-100s are FREE! Nominations must be received by December 31, 2013.



  1. Nominate a school, organization or local business by writing a 300-word essay.  Send it via email to hightidepermaculture@gmail.com.
  2. Nominee is selected.
  3. The Edible Communities Crew will design and install a 100 ft2 edible forest garden.
  4. Enjoy the site as it matures and provides food for people and nature.

How you can help:

  • Nominate a site.
  • Donate money.
  • Donate edible perennials.

For more information

Please note: In following with the Permaculture design process, edible forest gardens are installed between November and March to reduce excessive resources and loss. The number of sites per year is based on the availability of resources with a guarantee of at least one per year.


Alright! Half way there ya'll! That is two gardens going in for sure! Let's get two more gardens and then connect the dots to make an edible food forest out of Humboldt County! Keep sharing, thanks for the support everyone! Still accepting nominations too. Where shall we build these things?!
  1. Beneficial Living Center and Garden Supplies
  2. raw rootz
  3. Brenda Sutter
  4. Sharon Beiser
  5. Dylan Livingearth
  6. pamela lyall
  7. Joan Dixon
  8. Isaac Lopez
  9. Marlon Gil
  10. Kim Jackson
  11. Sandra Levey
  12. Laurie Levey
  13. Anonymous

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