“ATTORNEYS TO GO” for Standing Rock and More

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Lawyers on the ground in La Guardia after Trump's immigration order.

Lawyers on the ground in La Guardia after Trump’s immigration order.


Attorney Laura Cutler at Standing Rock

Attorney Laura Cutler STANDING UPside down.

Attorney Laura Cutler STANDING UPside down.


Mni Wiconi! Water is Life! I am quickly mobilizing to return to Standing Rock and I need your support!

I am an attorney who has been called for a 2-4 week commitment assisting in the on the ground legal defense at Standing Rock. I have been to Standing Rock previously and am thoroughly vetted for the work. I am a 53 year old mother of 2 boys who lives in Humboldt County California. I have criminal law defense experience from having been a public defender. I have been committed to sustainability for decades and successfully started and ran projects such as the We The People School of Sustainability with Governor Jerry Brown and Fund Humboldt. I surf and stand up paddle and just generally love to be anywhere near the water.

Standing Rock needs lawyers on the ground to help more than ever. I am just looking to cover my airfare as the legal team there will be providing housing and local transportation.

Can you see a Mobile Army of Attorneys throughout the country coming to the aid of those protecting our most vulnerable who are fighting for social and environmental justice? I can! My larger visions is to have mobile units available to attorneys in every state. Please contact me if you are interested in the larger project.

Thank you for your consideration!

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