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Humboldt County’s First Locally Grown Beer
Our Mission is to raise awareness about the importance of re-localization and build a healthy community.  We aim to serve as a small Humboldt County business directly supporting our local food-economy.  By growing our own ingredients, distributing directly to community members, and having an educational focus pertaining to craft brewing and sustainable agricultural practices we hope to help build a more resilient community.

The end-goal of Humboldt Regeneration is to have an Estate Brewery on one site in Northern Humboldt County. Never straying from our educational roots, the Estate Brewery is going to implement different programs for community members to learn about the brewing process and how sustainable agriculture is a viable option for businesses.

The money produced from the community through Fund Humboldt will go towards a new fermentation tank. This will ramp up production so that there will be more choices of beer flavors for the Growler fill program. This new fermenter, along with the existing ones, will be seen around the brewery as long as we are growing our grains for our artisan ales. Please help Humboldt Regeneration Brewery & Farm acquire a new tank so we can continue to provide locally-grown beer for our local food economy!



Beer-Farmer at Work

Jacob at the Farm


A typical lineup at the tasting room

The lineup


If you haven’t stopped by yet, this is the where you’ll turn off Central Ave. in Mckinleyville.

Street sign


Now, Go all the way down till you see us on your right!

Last sign

The front door, open from 11-7 Wednesday through Sunday


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