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Hi Everyone!!!  Luke A. Besmer here from TeaLAB.  TeaLAB is my small business that produces gardening equipment.  You probably have heard of the infamous BubbleSnake, the super-efficient compost tea aerator that I invented one day while daydreaming at the river with my daughter.  I also make LiFeCuBes, a rich mix of composts and minerals that synergize into an excellent tea-starter/soil builder.  I have a few other awesome products that are slowly but surely getting out into the world.

One of the most important parts of my job is education.  A lot of the concepts that I employ are firmly rooted in sound laboratory science, but must make their way naturally to the garden.  I am working to be the liaison between the lab and the farm.  I want to help others understand how you can unlock your organic nutrients with compost teas.  I know that it is important for me to teach and display what it is I am doing, so that others can do it too.

I currently have a small green house that is overflowing with plant life.  A lot of these plants I give away, or eventually eat!!! (have you ever had sweet spinach!?! come by and try some).  In order to continue to get people excited about gardening, I need to show them how awesome it is.  To do this, I needs more greenhouse space! (It is a great feeling to actually need more growing space).  I am asking you, to help me, help others garden.

My goal is to purchase 10 foot by 12 foot, hard plastic wall, aluminum frame, vented greenhouse.  This greenhouse is on sale at Harbor Freight for $589+tax.  If you help me get to $500, I am able to cover the rest.  When I reach the goal, everyone is invited to TeaLAB’s GreenHouse Warming Party.  Anyone that helps out gets free fresh Compost Tea, if you donate more that $50, you get your very own BubbleSnake.

Thank everyone so much for reading this and your interest in my project.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the Greenhouse Party!


Luke A. Besmer


RootsUpClose IMGP2082 LifeCube Poppy Roots



GoodRoots SAM_0459

this picture is actually a couple of months old, you can imagine that I need more space now

this picture is actually a couple of months old, you can imagine that I need more space now

sme of my crowded starts

sme of my crowded starts

The greenhouse I will purchase with your help.

The greenhouse I will purchase with your help.

Me and my inventions.

Me and my inventions.

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