Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fund Humboldt?

Fund Humboldt is a funding platform for all kinds of projects. A project can be anything from starting a businesses, expanding a business, creating a film, music, game, art or design, and technology innovations. Fund Humboldt facilitates bringing projects to life through the direct support of others.

How do I set up a campaign?

Simply register on the site and create a campaign! Our staff will need to review the campaign prior to its being published on the site. If it is approved it should be up very quickly! .

Why should I use Fund Humboldt over a nationally based crowd funding platform?

Fund Humboldt allows you the opportunity to be supported by and give back to your local community. Crowd funding is a trust based platform and where better to put your trust and dollars into than the community where you live? Whereas some specific ideas may appeal to a national audience, others are much better suited for a local one.

A local crowd funding platform allows the campaign promoters to tailor their giveback incentives for their community. The rewards given for donating can be things that cannot be offered over a national platform. You can’t offer a tour of your establishment, a cooking class or a massage to someone two states away.

Most nationally based crowd funding platforms do not give funds to the campaigner unless his full project goal has been met. We at Fund Humboldt allow campaigners to keep whatever funds they raise.

Do I have to be fully funded to keep the donations?

No. Campaigners keep what they raise. Donations will not be refunded if a campaign is not fully funded. Rewards are not generally fulfilled unless the campaign is completely funded but may be if the campaign so specifies.

Can Fund Humboldt be used to fund anything?

Everything on Fund Humboldt must be a project. A project has a clear goal such as buying a piece of equipment or making a C.D. A project is something that will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it.

Why do people donate to projects?

Donors are often motivated by a desire to support their friends and community, and many are just inspired by the vision of your project. Others are simply motivated by the give-backs offered by a campaign such as a sample of what you are producing, or by the satisfaction offered by seeing a certain donation level met.

Where do project donors come from?

The majority of initial funding most likely will come from the friends & family of the campaign promoters. Through the internet, interest can then quickly spread to friends of friends and even strangers through the internet. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Blogs, local press, and Fund Humboldt itself are also sources of project backers.

Do backers get ownership or equity in the projects they fund?

Absolutely not. Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work or business. Fund Humboldt is not used to offer financial returns or equity, or to solicit loans. Getting your money back should not be a motivating factor in making a donation. Campaign promoters have no obligation to meet their promise to complete the project except for their social accountability and the damage it could do to their reputation and ultimately their business.

What are the fees?

If a project is successfully funded, Fund Humboldt applies a 5% fee to the funds collected on top of whatever fees are incurred through the payment process of Paypal.

Donations will be processed by Paypal. Payment processing fees can vary depending on the size and volume of donations. Paypal charges a minimum of $0.30 per transaction with a 2.9% processing fee. For any large donations, this will roughly total only a 2.9% – 3% charge. Due to the $0.30 per transaction flat fee, smaller donations would result in a proportionally larger percentage fee.

Click here to read more about Paypal’s fees.

When funds are issued to the campaign creator, a detailed account of donations and their related fees will be provided.

Roughly speaking, campaign promoters should expect to pay approximately 8.5% of their campaign’s total goal in processing fees.

Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?

The project promoter is responsible to fulfill their project promises.

Fund Humboldt does not guarantee projects or investigate a campaigner’s ability to complete their project. On Fund Humboldt, donors decide whether a project is worthy by whether or not they decide to donate to it.

Can Fund Humboldt refund the money if a project is unable to fulfill?

Fund Humboldt can only refund the money while the campaign is still active on our website and hasn’t reached its End Date. Funds are issued to the campaign backer immediately after the End Date. If the project isn’t completed as the campaign backer specified after the End Date, Fund Humboldt cannot refund any donations, although the campaign backer may refund donations if contacted directly.

Is there a place I can download the Fund Humboldt logo?

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