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Crowdfunding is the financing of the future! Small sums of money from a whole lot people, means large sums of money and a new way for people to get money for the things they want to do. Say you have an idea to start a business but you don’t have money to do it. In the past, you convinced a bank to loan you money, and this has become increasingly difficult to do. With crowdfunding, you simply explain your idea, communicate to others, ask for donations to fund your idea, and you’re off and running!

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There are no bankers or obligations other than that you try your best to do what you want to do once you get the support you need. People donate because they believe in your idea, want to see it happen, and trust you to get it done. Campaign promoters have the option to offer “giveback” rewards as a thank you.


At Fund Humboldt we bring this revolutionary funding platform home to empower our community. Fund Humboldt is the first and only crowdfunding platform that focuses on projects specifically in Humboldt County.

Take a moment to browse the projects and see if there’s a project you want to support. Or post your own project to be funded and rally your community to support you!


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