Local Investing Opportunity Network

Join the North Coast Local Investing Opportunity Network (LION) A Local Investing Opportunity Network, known as a (LION), is a loosely organized group of people who meet regularly with the goal of investing money in their local community.  The group will generally consist of individuals who have money to invest and people who might be in a position where they would be seeking investors.  The LION is designed to create opportunities for local businesses, individuals, and local investors to network and develop informal relationships.

The LION does not facilitate any dealings, nor does it allow businesses to make pitches soliciting investments to the group.  All investments that might occur as a result of the LION meetings would occur outside of a LION meeting and be arranged solely by the individuals involved in that business dealing.

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 Fund Humboldt does not own or operate the North Coast Local Investing Opportunity Network.  A LION is a non-entity organization supported by various local individuals, companies and agencies.  We just put this on our website because it is totally AWESOME and people need to know that one exists locally!

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