Seeking Assistance?

Your tax dollars fund some helpful resources


North Coast SBDC - This is really a great resource. The first stop for many things to learn. A resource worth utilizing.


BizNetQuick Answers to Business Questions… a business help hotline with free advice! Very cool thing we have going on in Humboldt County!



cccs-e1383762553126Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the North Coast – a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing professional consumer credit education, confidential counseling, and debt reduction programs to all segments of the community.

Peer To Peer – Advice from Peers!

thelinkTry Humboldt’s Cowork Space!

The Link – If you need a professional environment to work in, office, or just a desk periodically, the Link can provide it. In a “cowork” space, you are surrounded by peers who are also working and they can provide the help you need.

Paid Specialists – The paid professionals of Humboldt County… there are many accountants, lawyers, and consultants in Humboldt County who are quite skilled and helpful. You won’t have to look too hard to find the good ones, just ask around, it is a small town after all.
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