Seeking Money?

  • Fund Humboldt – Crowdfunding is pretty awesome!  Fund Humboldt offers a way for people seeking money to earn it through donations from the community. Simply post a project and then promote it to your friends and family and through your social networks!
  • Direct Public Offering – A DPO is similar to an initial public offering (IPO) in that stock is sold to investors, but unlike an IPO, a company uses a DPO to raise capital directly and without the assistance of an investment banking firm or broker-dealer. Following registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and subject to compliance with state blue sky laws, a company can sell its shares directly to anyone, including customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, family, friends and others…. (thanks Wikipedia… for more info on DPOs click here).  A DPO is kind of like crowdfunding, your friends and neighbors get invest their money locally in your vision!
  • Local Banks and Credit Unions – The most conventional means to get a loan is through a bank or a Credit Unions. They generally seek lower risk investments, and generally only do debt financing (meaning they will charge interest on their loan and you must pay back the money).

Redwood_Capital_Bank_688711_i0-e1383760919872Redwood Capital – A local bank. The interest that is charged on your loan won’t leave the county! That’s a good thing!


CCCU-e1383761181968Coast Central Credit Union – Credit Unions are like banks, but they are technically owned by the people whose money is being held (a bank + a coop = a credit union).


Northern Redwood Credit Union – Another local credit union! Another door to knock on if you’re seeking cash to make something happen!


  • More Local Organizations that Loan Money – There are other groups to ask.  They take slightly higher risks than the banks generally will, and they too prefer to do debt financing:


Redwood Region Economic Development Commission – Can help you get funded with a small business loan



Arcata Economic Development Corporation – Can help you get funded through a small business loan


Headwaters Fund – loans and micro-grants. Grants don’t have to be paid back so might as well see if you qualify for one!


  • Grants – Grants are nice… you don’t have to pay them back! They aren’t extremely common for for-profit ventures, but it doesn’t hurt to call.
Humboldt Area Foundation – Grants & Grant writing assistance


Humboldt Area Foundation – Grants & Grant writing assistance



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