Seth Geddes

Seth2-150x150 Seth Geddes believes that business is the most effective vehicle for social change. His deep passion for creative business structures that empower employees, benefit consumers, and help to effect change for the betterment of society is the underlying drive that motivates all of his professional life.


He has achieved national market penetration and branding of a product line in the home & garden market, started a retail store selling organic farm/garden supplies, and has several other start-ups in development. Identifying himself as start-up business specialist, he has developed a keen ability to perform financial feasibility analysis and has become very resourceful to maximize returns with minimal input. This resourcefulness, coupled with his deep understanding of the human psyche and what motivates people, has empowered him as an effective marketer, employer, and business strategist.

He is skilled at business development and enjoys taking an abstract goal and developing step by step plans to achieve it. Building functioning systems is a skill developed over years of practice while launching multiple successful start-ups (and some failures to learn from too). Being the principal officer of multiple businesses, he has had the opportunity to develop multiple skills that allow him to be successful in his business endeavors.

Noticing his own natural ability and enjoyment in building structures that not only make a profit, but reward employees and effect positive social change, he launched a private business consulting practice. This practice aims to creatively partner with start-ups to help achieve mutual success. Business incubation and creative financing are his current directions of professional growth. Seth believes that happiness is the goal of life, and his calling is to create businesses that support others in achieving a happy and meaningful life.

Seth enjoys Zimbabwean mbira music very much and plays as often as possible (he was even playing mbira when the picture of him above was taken): click here to hear a sample of this awesome music

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